We take care

„City hotels - Algirdas“ is eco-friendly hotel! We are going step-by-step in our program aimed at preserving our environment.

  •   Hotel bathrooms are equipped with water aerators which splits the flow of water, so it accumulates in the air and increases the volume of water. Water aerators saturate the water with oxygen and therefore limit its consumption by up to 60%.

  •   We care about our guests beauty, so cosmetic that we organic and without parabens .

  •   Hotel respects the wish of its guests to use fresh towels every day. Nevertheless, it is true that there may not be a need for so many towels every time, so we would like to ask you to hang up the ones that you intend to use for another time. Once you are finished using a towel – you can just leave it on the floor.

  •   All paper, plastic and glass is sorted. In the first floor you will find  sorting paper boxes.

  •   Electricity savings. The hotel upgraded lighting, common areas equipped with light and motion sensors.

  •   For Buffet only ecological products from Lithuanian  farms.